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Filter cross reference. Use the following search engine to find equivalence between different brands. Enter the code of your filter for example 90304 or 32723c93, if the code is in our database we will return a list of equivalences. When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, using the correct filters is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, finding the right filter can be a daunting task, especially with the wide variety of brands and models available. That’s where cross-reference filters come in handy.

Decoding Cross-Reference Filters

Cross-reference filters allow you to find an equivalent filter from a different brand that fits your vehicle. This is particularly useful when dealing with discontinued filters, obsolete models, or when you prefer a specific brand or type of filter. The cross-reference system assigns a unique number or code to each filter, making it easy to identify compatible replacements.

Key Benefits of Using Cross-Reference Filters

Convenience: Effortlessly find compatible filters from various brands without extensive research or trial and error.
Cost Savings: Take advantage of competitive pricing by comparing filters from different brands.
Quality Assurance: Ensure you’re getting a filter that meets or exceeds the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.
Availability: Gain access to a wider range of filters, including those that may be hard to find through traditional channels.

How to Use Cross-Reference Filters

Identify Your Current Filter: Determine the make, model, and year of your vehicle, along with the specific filter you need (e.g., oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, etc.).
Find the Cross-Reference Number: Refer to reputable cross-reference guides, online databases, or consult with a trusted auto parts supplier. Enter the information about your current filter to obtain the corresponding cross-reference number.
Choose a Compatible Replacement Filter: Using the cross-reference number, you can easily find a compatible filter from your preferred brand or one that meets your specific requirements.
Popular Cross-Reference Filter Resources:

Popular Cross-Reference Filter Resources

Donaldson Cross Reference: A comprehensive resource for finding cross-reference numbers for Donaldson filters.
Baldwin Cross Reference: An extensive database of Baldwin filter cross-references, including Baldwin oil filter cross-reference and Baldwin filter cross-reference.
Fleetguard Cross Reference: A valuable tool for locating Fleetguard filter cross-references, including Fleetguard filter crossover and Fleetguard filtration cross-reference.
Wix Cross Reference: A reliable source for Wix filter cross-reference information, covering Wix oil filter cross-reference and Wix filter crossover.



Select any of the following brands to access a list of own codes along with their equivalents in other brands.

Cross reference filter FREE 🆓

We created a simple and free filter equivalency search engine. We work daily to facilitate the search for information related to filters and spare parts. The information is the same that can be found in the printed manuals but we always recommend checking the performance, measurements and threads of the filters.



We generate a list of filter codes ordered by make, model and type of vehicle. Enter each brand from the menu to obtain the corresponding code.


As good drivers we must know that the good lubrication of our vehicle will depend a lot on the quality of the filtering, that is why before a filter change we ask ourselves, which one is best for us? Making the right decision will depend on how much we know or how we know how we handle the situation since the purchase of filters is not always made by us.

From the site we always advise to be guided by what the manual of our car or motorcycle tells us where it mostly advises a type of oil without specifying brands and regarding the filters in many models it does not make any mention.

Many vehicle brands have some type of agreement or business with filter factories and this automatically makes us think that the only filter that can be put on it is that of that brand, because I allow myself to say that IT IS NOT CORRECT. Any brand of filter works for our vehicle as long as it is the mail (needless to say) so it is important to have a good equivalency when buying or selling.

Based on an article from Motorok that we liked to take as a reference and with which we agree, we can say and share the following Top 4 of best brands or best filters

1) Mann- Hummel – Recognized brand worldwide and manufacturer of filters for other brands. Excellent quality in relation to its price

2) Bosch – Another recognized brand, perhaps very imposed or remembered in other areas such as spare parts but they change leader in several countries. Excellent quality too

3) Purflux and 4) Mahle

This Top4 is based on what is preferred by the workshops and we share the Motorok graphic



First of all it is important to clarify that all the filters of our vehicle fulfill a cycle and that is why we must comply with the change as indicated by the manual. In any case, if we travel on dirt roads or we are in an area where a lot of dust flies during the day, it is more than good to remove the air filter and clean it with a compressor or blower.