Oil Filters Composed

1- Metal circle with thread
2- Non-return silicone valve
3- By-pass valve
4- Filter element
5- Spring
6- Housing

What is the function of the oil filter?

It is responsible for retaining up to 97% of the particles that accompany the oil. Every so often (it is recommended between 5,000 and 10,000 km depending on the quality of the oil and filters) we must change both the oil and the filter, the exact time depends on what the manual or your trusted mechanic indicates.

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Should i always place my official / original brand oil filter?

We recommend following the instructions in your vehicle’s manual. A good quality oil filter will protect the life of your engine. Many brands have their own manufacture of filters and others choose the production of their spare parts in brands such as Mann-Hummel who respect their manufacturing standards but stamp with the requested brand. But we must always be careful since an official brand does not guarantee product quality, so when in doubt it is recommended to place filters with top brand prints.

6 Ways loosen engine oil filter

6 tools to loosen an oil filter.

Hands: If the filter is not too tight, the easiest thing is to try to remove it with our hands. It is the first thing we try before using a tool since in many cases the filter is tight enough and necessary to be able to remove it with our hands. Be very careful if the vehicle has been running for a long time as the filter may be too hot.

Extraction Tape: The most common tool for removing oil filters. It is available in different sizes depending on the thickness of the oil filter.

Extractor type octopus: The most effective for its grip. A little more expensive than the previous one but if you have a workshop, your investment is justified. its price is around 35 dollars

Chain extractor: The length of the chain can provide us with various measurements for all types of oil filters. Safe and economical

Pipe wrench or stillson: This tool is not common to find in a home but if you have it it is undoubtedly an excellent option of strength to loosen your oil filter. Its disadvantage is its size and the discomfort to manipulate it close to the engine.

Screwdriver: Something dangerous since we must pierce the entire filter with our screwdriver in order to then use the opposite force on its thread and be able to loosen it.

Remove the filter without a filter squeegeer or tool

Sometimes we find ourselves in an emergency where we must remove the filter and we do not have the necessary tool. After watching this video you will come up with a thousand alternatives to be able to remove your oil filter without tools. That if … the place is not always comfortable to do it and there it is left to free choice which tool to use.

How should i place or tighten the filter?

In each filter, the instructions on how to place the filter are indicated in its corresponding language. Most agree that you should lubricate the gasket, clean the seat, tighten to contact, and turn 3/4 of a turn using the part number printed on the filter.

The best and worst oil filters

This excellent video takes a look at the best and worst filter brands. We find it an interesting analysis to share since it is not only a personal opinion on the part of the owner of the video but also cuts in all the filters and a deep analysis. We invite you to see it.