FIAAM filters

Fiaam filter quality

Fiaam is an Italian brand that specializes in the manufacture of air, oil and fuel filters for vehicles of all kinds, from automobiles to heavy machinery. Fiaam filters are made from high-quality materials and are designed for optimum performance and long life.

Regarding the filtering quality of the Fiaam filters, it is important to note that each filter is subjected to rigorous tests to guarantee its effectiveness in removing particles and contaminants from the air, oil and fuel. In addition, Fiaam uses advanced technologies in the manufacture of its filters to achieve greater filtration efficiency.

Fiam products

Their products are designed with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness in removing particles and contaminants from air, oil, and fuel. In addition, they use advanced technologies in the manufacture of their filters to achieve greater filtration efficiency. Fiaam also manufactures special filters for specific applications, such as cabin filters for vehicle cabin air filtration and air filters for marine engines.

Fiaam equivalence search engine by codes

FT 5386PA 7192FL 6795
FT 4874PA 7142PA 7109
FT 5205PA 7111PA 7070
FT 5198PA 7544FL 6827
FT 5203PA7579FL 6906
FT 5141PA 7333PA 7094
FT 5199FT 5385FL 6629
FT 5141FP 5359FL 6775
FT 5140PC 8002PA 7071
FT 5296PC 8028FL 6670
FT 5141PC 8011FA 5557 ECO
FT 5141PC 8001FA 5565 ECO
FT 5261PC 8018FL 6402
FT 5201PC 8051PA 7080
FT 5208PC 8047PA 7122
FT 5415PC 8012PA 7119
FT 5203PC 8007PA 7138
FT 5374PC 8058PA 7329
FT 5371PC 8003PA 7406
FT 5467PC 8043PA 7371
FP 5570PC 8046PA 7366
FT 5525PC 8013PA 7365
FP 5359PC 8088FL 6922
FP 5749PC 8076PA 7360
FT 5141PC 8035FL 6803
FT 5073PCK 8045PA 7136 A
FT 5230PA 7002PA 7165
FT 5144FA 5438PA 7163
FT 5284FA 5437FLI 6856/1
FT 4837FA 5420PA 7199
FT 5347ANF 1276FL 9015
FT 4993FA 5577PA 7248
FT 5332FA 5228PA 7264
FT 5378FA 5559FL 6994
FT 5363FA 5408PA 7159
FT 4960FA 5439PA 7189
FT 4809FA 5440PA 7147
FT 5087FA 5454 ECOPA 7177
FT 4403FA 5558 ECOPA 7177
FT 5409FA 5420PA 7196
FT 5455FA 4584PA 7249
FT 4949FA 5636PA 7206
FT 5310FA 5620 ECOFL 6936
FT 5624FA 5616 ECOPA 7224
FT 5434FA 5588 ECOFLI 6818
FT 5227FA5670PA 7208
FT 5121FA 5627 ECOPA 7180
FT 5471FA 5709 ECOPA 7198
FT 5351FB 1526PA 7297
FT 5141FA 5282PA 7164
FT 5380FA 5285PA 7217
FT 5141FA 5015ANF 1524
FT 5207FA 4816 APA 7271
FP 4779FA 5387PA 7228
FD 1283FA 5412PA 7209
FA 4161/2FA 5156FP 4980
FC 1027 BFA 5362FT 5055 A
FC 1495 BFA 5155FT 5289
FP 5092FT 5238FT 5290
FP 5091FT 5259FP 5571
FT 5604FT 5163FT 5309
FT 4840FT 5151FP 5425
FP 4683FT 5065FT 5275
FP 4671FT 5216FP 5432
FP 5038FT 4862FA 5420
FT 5272FT 5254FA 5420
FT 5406FT 4970FA 5438
FT 5429FT 5406FP 5614
FT 5449FT 4985PA 7450
FT 5272FA 5607PC 8076
FT 5266FT 5119PA 7524
FT 4776FB 1277FL 6390
FT 5433FB 1517 APA 7095
FT 4657FA 4901 APA 7157 A
FT 4878FA 4889 APA 7136
FT 5460FA 4018 APA 7137
FT 4670 TFL 6300PA 7216
FB 1278FL 6640PA 7134