Freudenberg filter quality

Freudenberg filters are known for their high filtration quality. They use advanced filter media technology to trap small particles and contaminants in the liquids and gases that flow through the filtration system.

Freudenberg air filters use advanced air filtration technology that includes a combination of filter materials, such as paper and non-woven fabric, with a pleated structure to maximize filtration efficiency. Its air filters can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, helping to protect your engine from the ingress of dust, pollen, and other contaminants.

Freudenberg oil filters also use advanced filter media technology, with a pleated structure that increases the amount of filtering surface area and improves filtration efficiency. Its oil filters can capture particles as small as 10 microns, reducing engine wear and extending engine life.

Freudenberg Products

Freudenberg products are highly recognized throughout the world for their quality and efficiency in protecting equipment and engines from contamination and wear. Among the products that Freudenberg manufactures are:

  • Air filters: designed to protect the engine from the entry of dust, sand, pollen and other contaminants.
  • Oil Filters: Designed to reduce engine wear and extend engine life.
  • Fuel filters: designed to remove impurities and water from the fuel, ensuring clean and efficient combustion.
  • Hydraulic filters: designed to protect hydraulic systems from the entry of particles that can cause damage.
  • Coolant Filters – Designed to protect the engine cooling system from corrosion and wear.

In addition to these products, Freudenberg also manufactures complete filtration systems for heavy equipment and machinery, such as oil filtration systems for boat engines, filtration systems for generators,

ators, filtration systems for construction engines, fuel filtration systems for industrial applications, and more.

Freudenberg has a global presence and manufactures its products in different locations around the world, including Germany, the United States, China, India, and Brazil. In addition, Freudenberg has a network of distributors and service centers around the world to ensure quick and easy access to its products and services.

In terms of filtration quality, Freudenberg filters are highly efficient in capturing contaminants and particles in the liquids and gases that flow through the filtration system. Freudenberg products use high-quality materials and advanced filter media technology to ensure long-lasting, effective filtration.

FREUDENBERG filter equivalence by code

MP 005AK X 35151
AK X 3536MP 055
AK X 35110AK X 35157
MP 002AK X 35164
AK X 35125AK X 35181
AK X 35132MP 076
MP 003AK X 35145
AK X 3546AK X 35279
AK X 3548AK X 35322
AK X 35264AK X 35346
AK X 35163AK X 35370
AK X 35174AK X 35159
AK X 3562MP 071
AKX 35321AK X 1394
AK X 3569AK X 1937
MP 022-2AK X 1953
MP 027AK X 1962
MP 029AK X 2001
MP 031AK X 1983
AK X 35115AK X 1984
MP 038AK X 1970
AK X 35128AK X 1985
AK X 35285AK X 1987
AK X 35141AK X 2004
MP 051MP011
AK X 35667AK X 35722
AK X 35634AK X 1375