KN Cold air intake

One of the simplest ways to get increased horsepower from a vehicle is to help it breathe better. A performance air intake system is a quick and easy way to get your engine more airflow, thereby increasing horsepower and acceleration. In the early 1990s, K&N pioneered the fuel injection performance kit paving the way for the creation of KN Cold Air Intake systems seen today.Most K&N performance air intake systems included either a roto-molded, high-density
polyethylene air intake tube or a mandrel-bent aluminum air intake tube coupled with a large conical K&N high-flow air filter and protected by an application-specific heat shield.

Some intakes utilize additional features such as enclosed air boxes,supplementary air inlets or even cold air intake scoops. The stock intake assembly on most modern cars is a maze of baffles and tubes that force air to take a restrictive path to the engine.

This complex maze of tubing is replaced by a free-flowing tube directing air from the air filter straight into the engine. Most cars today come with a restrictive disposable paper air filter inside a plastic air box. KN Cold Air Intake systems replace the entire stock air box with an oversized conical high flow K&N air filter to allow even more air.

Additionally, most K&N intake systems feature a heat shield or enclosed air box to help isolate the intake air from engine heat. This allows cooler air into the engine which further increases performance. All of these components work together to create additional horsepower, a custom look to your engine and a better engine sound. K&N offers a variety of styles of intake systems to meet customer desires.

Many K&N intake systems feature a nonmetallic roto-molded intake tube. This style of tube allows more flexibility of design and tube-shape while maintaining a more stock look under your hood. Other intakes feature a mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube that creates a more custom look under the hood and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Both of these intake styles feature K&N’s traditional High Flow Cotton air filter media that’s washable and reusable.

K&N’s newest intakes, the Blackhawk Induction Series, features a black powder-coated aluminum intake tube and a black oil-free synthetic air filter. All of K&N intakes are guaranteed to provide an increase in horsepower and come with a K&N 10 Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.

Whether you’re a seasoned to mechanic or are new to wrenching on your own car, K&N intake instructions and videos make installation quick and easy.

K&N air intake systems use factory mounting points, reuse OE hardware when possible, and rarely require any cutting, drilling or modifications.

They can typically be installed with common hand tools in 90 minutes or less.

How much horsepower does a k&n cold air intake add?

2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Ford F-150 trucks with the 5.4 liter engine use K&N’s 57-2556 air intake for a gain of 15.47 horsepower @ 3829 rpm.

Owners of 2004 to 2008 Ford F150 pickups with a 5.4 liter engine may also choose K&N’s polished aluminum cold air intake kit 77-2556KP.  The 77-2556KP gets 9.53 more horsepower @ 3725 rpm.

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Honda Accord models with a 3.0 liter V6 engine use K&N’s complete cold air intake part number 69-1207TP or 69-1207TR. These cool air intakes show a gain of 10.4 horsepower @ 5522 rpm.

2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickups with a 6.0 liter engine gain 17.54 horsepower @ 4917 rpm with the 57-3058 cool air intake.

What tools do i need to install?

This kit comes with everything you need, the couplers, clamp kit, mass airflow sensors, adapters, the air box, the intake tube, and of course, your air filter. But punctually you will need to have a screwdriver, torx keys depending on the head of the screw and contact lubricant for cleaning the sensor.

What brands are there in cold air intake?

There are different brands of cold air intake, the best known and the one we mention the most in this post is K&N, but there are also others such as Spectre Perfomance, AEM, Airaid, DNA Motoring, Flowmaster, aFe Power, Mopar, Volant, Mishimoto, Rtunes Racing, Spectre, Injen, HPS Performance, Comp Cams, ACCEL, ACDelco, BBK and others