Motorcraft filter quality

The filtering quality of Motorcraft filters is very good. Motorcraft filters are designed to trap even the smallest and finest particles in engine oil, helping to protect your engine and extend engine life.

Motorcraft filters are made from high-quality materials and are designed to perfectly fit the engines of Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Additionally, Motorcraft filters are rigorously tested to ensure quality and performance.

Motorcraft Products

Motorcraft is a brand owned by the Ford Motor Company, which manufactures a wide variety of products for vehicles around the world. Some of the products that Motorcraft manufactures include:

Oil, air and fuel filters.

Spark plugs and ignition cables.

Brake systems, including pads, discs and calipers.

Alternators and batteries.

Suspension systems, including shock absorbers and springs.

Engine oils and lubricants.

Transmission belts and accessories.

Sensors and engine control systems.

Steering components, including pumps and hoses.

Cooling systems, including radiators and thermostats.

Motorcraft equivalence search engine by code

EFL 180R/FP/1
BFL34EFA 160
EFL 087EFL 399
EFA 075EFL 322
EFA 429EFL 281
BFA129EFL 097
EFA 146EFL 486
RFA 5EFL 382
EFA 568EFA 486
EFA 009EFA 500
FA 1904EFA 495
R/FA/40EFA 522
EFA 323EFA 396
EFA 308EFA 296
EFA 315EFA 496
EFA 318EFA 497
EFA 319EFA 287
EFA 304EFA 180
EFA 297EFA 543
EFA 311EFA 553
EFA 328EFA 022
EFA 302EFA 572
BFA119EFA 577
EFG 106EFA 579
EFG 103R/FA/14