Spark Plug Cross Reference to NGK

Do not look any further. Here you have the Spark Plug Cross Reference to NGK ordered by brands. Click on the logos to access the list corresponding to each brand.

Socket for spark plug

With the necessary tools you can change your spark plug without having to go to the mechanic. Save money

Renewing the spark plugs is of the utmost importance for the correct operation of the engine of your vehicle or tool, the change does not require the need to go to the mechanic or a dealer, you can do it yourself at home.

It is advisable to buy a spark plug extractor to always have it available in our home and use it when necessary, this investment is always less expensive than taking our car to the mechanic to carry out said work. The quality and type of plug plug depends on the claims we have based on the quality and tastes we have with the tools.

As there are different measures but few, many times we are going to find that the measure of our vehicle can be used for any of our other tools that we have, such as a weed trimmer or chainsaw.

The most common measurements are 5/8 ″, 3/4 ″, 13/16 ″, 14mm, and 18mm and although we will be able to buy them separately it is always advisable to buy a kit that contains all of them, but it is only a suggestion now. that if we are only going to change the spark plugs of our vehicle, it will be better to continue saving and buy only the one we need.

Spark plug wires

Changing the spark plug wires seems to be somewhat easy and perhaps easier than changing the spark plugs, but be careful! It is important that you know that the cables have an order, a sequence and a bad placement can generate failures in your engine. This type of work requires knowledge or a lot of attention but it can anticipate you to buy the cables you need at a good price.

Spark Plug Cross Reference to NGK for lawn mower

If you came here due to a spark plug problem in your mower or Spark Plug Cross Reference to NGK , we have to provide you with the most common spark plug codes and also a series of tips.

If you are in doubt if your spark plug is working correctly we leave you this excellent video where they explain how to test a spark plug with a multimeter

And this other video shows how to do an excellent cleaning of a spark plug with a lot of use. highly recommended since sometimes we can save the spark plug instead of replacing it.