Wich oil filters are the best – Guide for a good purchase

Wich oil filters are the best? In general, a change of filters is carried out by a specialist in the subject (mechanic) who has enough knowledge to recommend different qualities of filters, but if you want to have a little knowledge about which are the best oil filters , in this post we are going to leave you some information and several tips to keep in mind.

If we only look at an oil filter or compare it with another of another brand, the only differences that we can find with the naked eye are the colors or perhaps some small differences in the quality of the material.

We mention detecting quality because we know that most manufacturers try to make a good looking product, but we know that what really matters in this is what is inside.

What should I look at or take into account to know if I am installing a quality oil filter?

First of all try to continue with the same brand of original filters or find out what brand of filter makes the “original” filters for your make and model of vehicle. We put ORIGINAL in quotes since in most cases, the original filter is similar to the one we later buy under the brand name.

Then if you do not get the same brand or decide to fit another filter because it has a lower cost, that is not bad as long as you respect the number of kilometers traveled and also the type of oil that your engine has, since everything contributes to a better filtering and consequently better performance and care.

Buy the most expensive oil filters guarantee greater care?

It is a good question and without going into much detail the answer is yes, since what makes the product more expensive is the material and it is assumed that if there is a good material for filtering and construction of the entire filter itself, then we are somehow saying that the expensive is better but it does not mean that by placing a high-cost oil filter we can use it for more kilometers.

These are some brands of oil filters that you can buy – Equivafiltros Shop

Oil filter MANN

MANN oil filters at the best price

Wix Oil Filters

WIX oil filters at the best price

Mobil 1 Oil Filters

Mobil 1 oil filters at the best price

FRAM Oil Filters

FRAM oil filters at the best price

What filters is the best? – Oil filters inside (Video)

This video (not my own) shows a little more in detail the qualities of different types of oil filters by making an opening in its cover to see the type of material used by each brand. We recommend viewing

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